If your business is involved in real estate transactions, you may wonder what a title search company does. If you’re a title insurance company, attorney, or developer, you likely have someone on your own team who handles title searches—why outsource the work to a title search company? The answer is simple: title search is all we do, which means we do it better.

Advantages of Using a Title Search Company

Most people outside the industry assume that the title search process is simply a matter of entering an address into a search box and pulling up all the necessary documents, but those in the industry know that title search is nothing like the typical Google search. 

Google allows you to search the entire internet from a single website. Title searches require searching a number of different online networks. Even more frustrating is that documentation may not be online at all—retrieving the needed title documents often requires visiting a courthouse in person to get physical copies. If you’re from a bank or title insurance company that works in multiple states, this may require finding a ground title searcher if you don’t have staff in a certain area, which can be a hassle in and of itself.

Using a title search company streamlines the process. Instead of having to navigate a fragmented network of online and offline title documents and spending hours finding the information you need, you’ll simply let us know what you need and we’ll do all the legwork for you. We’ve developed advanced technology to improve the title search process, and we’ve also assembled a nationwide network of title search experts for those times when documents are offline. 

Because we only do residential title searches and commercial title searches, we’ve got the process down to a science. No more headaches and frustration for your team, and no more delays or derailed closings for your clients. We make the closing process faster and more efficient by delivering the documentation needed to move forward with real estate transactions.

What You’ll Get When You Use a Title Search Company

The benefits of using a title search company go beyond eliminating the hassle of conducting a title search. We also provide you with clear, easy-to-understand reports. One of the frustrations of traditional title search is that title reports are not standardized—there are endless variations, each of which needs to be interpreted.

We distill all of the information you need into a more user-friendly, accessible format. Basic property information, chain of title, mortgage liens, litigation, tax information, and any encumbrances are all a click away. Everything is in a single dashboard that can be accessed by anyone on your team. Need help? We also offer unparalleled customer support.

Learn More About Pippin

Streamline your workflow and eliminate the hassles of title search with Pippin Title. Take advantage of our nationwide network of title searchers, advanced technology, and clear reporting so you can focus on serving your clients. To find out more about Pippin, contact us today at 646-666-5993.