Anyone who has spent more than five minutes dealing with the title industry is used to the following exchange with many abstractors:

Send an email. No response.

Call them. Direct to voicemail.

Send another email. Still no response.

Call again. Voicemail box is full.

If you’re waiting on a title search for a client, your clients don’t suffer from the same radio silence. Your client is probably blowing up your inboxes and ringing your phone off the hook, demanding to know why you haven’t sent them the title commitment yet

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Pippin Title is changing the game with our newest website feature—a live chat for title search customers.

We’re not talking about a dead-end feedback loop pretending to be a person, one that keeps returning useless articles from our knowledge base in response to your very pointed questions.

Our customer-facing live chat connects you with a live agent to get a real time response to your most pressing questions.

By offering this convenience, Pippin Title reaffirms its commitment to meeting the marketplace where it is and offering the best customer service in the industry.

According to a study by ICMI, chat support is by far the favorite avenue of customer support for the modern consumer. A whopping 46% prefer it, compared to 29% who prefer email support and 16% who prefer social media interaction.

Pippin Title has heard this message loud and clear. We have already had a prospect-facing chatbot for years, enabling first-time site visitors to find answers to basic questions and connect with a sales agent, but this live chat is for our paying customers. It raises the bar for the level of communication and responsiveness that clients can expect from their title search company. 

No more unanswered voicemails and emails. No more ghosting. You can now get the information you need on demand.  You will never have to respond to a client’s reasonable request for a title update with the disconcerting answer “I have no earthly idea.”

With our client-facing live chat support, Pippin Title puts you back into the driver’s seat of your own title searches. You will be the expert whenever your clients or your supervisor asks you about the status of a title search.

Give it a try. Our customer service experts are standing by, waiting for your chat.

And don’t worry—we’re still available to you by phone, email, or in-app messaging in our client portal and on Qualia! Even before the live chat was live, we have always made it a priority to be easy to reach. You can reach out to us however suits your business needs.

Open a live chat with Pippin! We’re standing by.