Many real estate practices and processes—title search, public recording, surveying, estates, tenancy, etc.—date back to the Middle Ages. Some real estate professionals, especially title offices, do business like it is still the Middle Ages.

With so many years to develop their best practices, the real estate title industry tends to be resistant to change. Pippin Title means to change that, carving a tech-forward future for the title industry, where property transactions benefit from faster, more accurate title searches.

Technology leveraged in Pippin title searches is complex and often obscured from the industry at large. Here’s how tech allows Pippin to serve each client more effectively:


Many title offices and public registrars remain stuck in the paper age, sacrificing countless trees to maintain bulky hard-copy and wet-signed records. These records can be hard to find, easy to lose, and susceptible to falsification.

Pippin Title brings title search into the paperless age by digitizing and classifying each record for easy retrieval. Such records can be retrieved quickly, and organized easily into a coherent chain of title, shaving days or even weeks off a title search and the subsequent work to prepare for commitment.

Paper records aren’t the only thing that can be digitized. The customer experience can also be tech-enabled and automated through online customer portals. Through these portals, Pippin Title can adapt to customer preferences and data to provide personalized service, even at scale. 


Enabled by digitization and standardization of records, Pippin Title leverages cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate significant portions of the title search process. Bassel Said, Pippin CTO & Co-Founder, explains that “new innovations in the areas of AI and ML are being employed at Pippin to automatically check documents and reports, adding an extra layer of due diligence that is both rapid and reliable at eliminating potential mistakes.”

Automation not only makes the title search process faster and more cost-effective, but also more accurate by insulating the title search process from human error. When combined with quality checking by human title experts, Pippin’s proprietary automation technology prevents misses that delay closings.


While digitization and automation make title searches faster, more accurate, and less costly, it makes no difference if parties to a real estate transaction can’t access them easily, and without excessive manual input.

That’s why Pippin Title prioritized integration—the ability for parties to integrate the Pippin tech stack easily into their own off-the-shelf or proprietary workflows.

Once integrated, title searches performed by Pippin Title can be automatically imported, reviewed for mistakes, processed digitally, and expediently delivered. Customers and parties receive real-time updates and can track the progress of their title search from personal digital portals.

Customer Feedback

One of the great advantages of tech is that it can be tested, measured, and optimized based on feedback from actual users. Pippin Title refined its system of digitization, automation, and integration based on feedback from all stakeholders.

Feedback and customer experience guides the development of all Pippin technology. In fact, “working with our earliest customers, we delved deep into their daily process, and made sure that Pippin’s technology could be seamlessly adopted,” reports Said of Pippin’s genesis. Technology has enabled Pippin to build and evolve a title search solution directly in response to customer needs.

The Future of Title Search

By embracing technology—and in doing so letting go of the clunky processes of bygone centuries—Pippin Title is charting a new future for the real estate industry.

Every transaction, everywhere in the country, will enjoy a fast, accurate, standardized, and cost-effective title search. Mystery will be replaced by transparency, waste replaced with efficiency, and automation will take the place of busy work and human error. Of the future of title, Pippin CTO says technology will “simplify real estate transactions and reduce the time it takes for a transaction to be processed, making what is today a very painful experience much easier and more accessible.”

Title searches are essential for all real estate transactions. Better title searches mean smoother transactions. With its tech-forward approach, Pippin Title raises the bar for everyone.