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Pippin understands Underwriter title search needs and provides title searches specifically tailored to you.

The future of title search, for underwriters.

Title search just for Underwriters

As an underwriter, your agents often depend on you for quick title information, and your policies depend on an exceptional standard of accuracy.

Pippin For Lenders

Underwriting made easier

Advanced technology is a game-changer for underwriters tasked with evaluating the title search information for loan underwriting. With the aid of cutting-edge digital tools and software, underwriters can expedite the review process by quickly accessing and comprehensively analyzing property ownership records, historical data, and potential title issues. This technology not only enhances the speed of the underwriting process but also improves its accuracy by flagging any inconsistencies or concerns in real-time. Moreover, advanced technology facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between underwriters, title agencies, and other stakeholders, ensuring a more efficient and coordinated approach to assessing loan applications. Ultimately, the integration of advanced technology into underwriting processes translates to faster decision-making and a more efficient lending experience for both financial institutions and borrowers.

Serving the Largest Underwriters

Trusted and relied upon by top 4 and top 10 underwriters nationwide, Pippin has become a proven asset by providing the most accurate, insurable title information. With a standardized, dependable caliber of title data, internal title teams and Agents alike can say yes to every file that comes their way. Stop turning down deals because of patchy, unreliable networks of abstractors, and learn why Pippin is a trusted partner of insurers like you.


Nationwide Residential & Commercial Title Information

Do your Agents have consistent title information everywhere they can get business? With boots on the ground in every county, Pippin leverages the combined power of online efficiency and local human expertise. No matter the search, no matter the county, commercial or residential, you can rely on Pippin for the title access you need. With Pippin, be a trusted source for your Agents where they can get a quick, reliable search when they need it.


Speed, Powered by Technology

Are your Agents closing as efficiently as they can? Can you support them as a resource for fast searches when they’re in a bind? Experience the speed of technology with Pippin through cloud based, AI and machine learning powered proprietary technology, made easily accessible to you when you need it most.


Dedicated, Knowledgeable Service

Get the answers you need from seasoned, industry professionals in whichever way is most convenient for you! Access live chat with dedicated customer service representatives or connect with Pippin teams via email, message, or phone, so you always have the answers you need.


Why Pippin?

We’re known in the industry for our accuracy, speed, and transparent process, but when you choose Pippin for commercial title search, you’ll also get:

Easy to Use Dashboard

that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows for simplified ordering, tracking and invoicing.

Standard Format, Commitment-ready Reports

that are backed by our rigorous quality control process.

Local Expertise Wherever You Need It

thanks to our nationwide network of ground searchers and robust search capabilities.

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Get Started

Start your next title search with Pippin.

Forget chasing after ground searchers and poring over documents. With our proprietary search technology, reliable searcher network, and rigorous quality control, you get accurate, commitment-ready reports every time – fast.


Extensive Title Platform Integrations

that integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows for simplified ordering, tracking and invoicing.


  • Faster & Easier Ordering Process
  • Stay in Your Title Platform for Searches
  • Integrated Commitments (No-ReTyping)

Real-time Order Tracking

so you can access the status of your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lightning-fast Service

for less hassle and delay; we’ll deliver your results in record time.

We’re There When You Need Us

thanks to support from our team of commercial title search experts.

What our customers are saying:

You guys are knocking it out of the ballpark. We haven’t had to send anything back. Pippin is amazing at getting back to us if there are any problems. Their communication is awesome. We’re just really pleased and wanted to let you know.

Katy M.
AVP – Title Operations