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Title agents have specific needs for title search and we are here to satisfy them.

The future of title search, for title agents.

Title search just for Title Agents

Pippin Title offers innovative tools and resources that empower title agents to efficiently conduct title searches, ultimately expediting the process and delivering faster results for their valued customers.

Pippin for Title Agents

Empowering Title Agents

Pippin Title is at the forefront of revolutionizing the title search process for title agents, providing a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge tools and resources. These innovative solutions enable title agents to streamline their workflow and access property ownership records swiftly and accurately. By leveraging Pippin Title’s technology, title agents can expedite the title search process, offering their customers a faster and more efficient experience. This commitment to efficiency not only saves time but also enhances the overall real estate transaction, ensuring that customers receive the prompt and reliable service they deserve when navigating the complexities of property transactions.

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Fast Nationwide Search

Experience the speed of technology wherever your business leads you, nationwide. With boots on the ground in every county, Pippin leverages the combined power of online efficiency and local human expertise. No matter the search, no matter the county, commercial or residential, you can rely on Pippin for the title access you need.


Pippin Portal & Seamless Integrations

We believe you should work with little interruption and switching between apps. In addition to our Pippin Portal, we offer seamless integrations with Qualia, Resware, SoftPro and others, empowering you to process title as easily as possible. Pippin’s software and integrations allow you access to:

  • Automatic commitment production
  • Streamlined file management and records
  • A full range of search products within your preferred workflow

Real-time Order Assistance

You deserve to know the status of your files at all times. With Pippin, you have access to a real-time order tracker as well as live chat, email, and phone access to customer service. Never have to chase down a rogue file from an unresponsive abstractor again.


Standardized Reports & Commitments

Parsing through page after page of handwritten notes and unintelligible documents is no longer necessary. Pippin offers a standardized format for all searches with a clear report on the. highlights you care most about, followed by hyperlinked documents, so the record you need to reference is a quick click away. Pippin even offers prepared commitments to cut down your hours of copying and pasting each week.


Why Pippin?

We’re known in the industry for our accuracy, speed, and transparent process, but when you choose Pippin for commercial title search, you’ll also get:

Easy to Use Dashboard

that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows for simplified ordering, tracking and invoicing.

Standard Format, Commitment-ready Reports

that are backed by our rigorous quality control process.

Local Expertise Wherever You Need It

thanks to our nationwide network of ground searchers and robust search capabilities.

Pippin order screen

Get Started

Start your next title search with Pippin.

Forget chasing after ground searchers and poring over documents. With our proprietary search technology, reliable searcher network, and rigorous quality control, you get accurate, commitment-ready reports every time – fast.


Extensive Title Platform Integrations

that integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows for simplified ordering, tracking and invoicing.


  • Faster & Easier Ordering Process
  • Stay in Your Title Platform for Searches
  • Integrated Commitments (No-ReTyping)

Real-time Order Tracking

so you can access the status of your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lightning-fast Service

for less hassle and delay; we’ll deliver your results in record time.

We’re There When You Need Us

thanks to support from our team of commercial title search experts.

What our customers are saying:

You guys are knocking it out of the ballpark. We haven’t had to send anything back. Pippin is amazing at getting back to us if there are any problems. Their communication is awesome. We’re just really pleased and wanted to let you know.

Katy M.
AVP – Title Operations